· Bube Dame König ·

German folk songs have long tended to be covered in dust, but those days are now gone. Three musicians from Halle took out their feather dusters and have given the old Romantic songs a fresh, shiny appearance and a crisp, new sound. Borrowing elements from Swedish and Irish traditional music, Bube Dame König invites their audience to take a trip to a long-gone dream world where mermaids marry shepherd boys, ghosts haunt old castle ruins and lovers dance under linden trees. As well as traditional folk songs, Bube Dame König plays original songs based on old legends and folk-tales. Expect a hurdy-gurdy full of virtuosity, a groovy guitar and, highlighting it all, the captivating and dreamlike voice of Juliane Weinelt.


Juliane Weinelt – vocals, transverse flute
Till Uhlmann – hurdy gurdy, violin, backing vocals
Jan Oelmann – vocals, acoustic guitar, violin