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Kedem Ensemble is a unique group of musicians from different corners of the world – Israel, Iran, Italy and Switzerland – whose repertoire is made of various world music threads and jazz improvisations. With its unusual collection of instruments – Iranian kamancheh, accordion and Middle-Eastern percussion, along with passionate singing – the group creates a fresh sound collage. The various musical backgrounds and influences of the group members join together to create an exquisite east-west sound with Jewish Ladino songs, early Israeli pieces, Iranian folk music, and more. With pulsating rhythms, hypnotic grooves and virtuosity – Kedem Ensemble conjures up a wide spectrum of emotions.

Talya G.A Solan
Israel – Vocals

Zhubin Kalhor
Iran – Kamancheh/Daf/Vocals

Antonello Messina
Italy – Accordion

Omri Hason
Switzerland/Israel – Middle-Eastern percussion, Hang

  • Zhubin Kalhor
    Iran – Kamancheh/Daf/Gesang
  • Talya G.A Solan
    Israel – Gesang
  • Omri Hason
    Schweiz/Israel – orientalische Perkussion, Hang
  • Antonello Messina
    Italien – Akkordeon

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