· Modus Quartet ·

Pic: Friedrich Schweiger

The music of Modus Quartet is comprised of various world music threads. It weaves Mediterranean spirit and diverse folk sounds with jazz, creating a lively and colorful musical tapestry.
Omri Hason (Kedem Ensemble, JMO) covers a wide range of percussion from the Swiss hang through the Oriental darbuka to the Afro-Peruvian cajon.
The Syrian-Armenian singer Houry Dora Apartian masterfully builds a bridge between jazz and oriental music, beautifully complimenting the lyrical virtuoso accordionist Antonello Messina. Lorenz Beyeler’s powerful bass grooves complete the whole.
With pulsating Oriental rhythms, hypnotic grooves and virtuosity – Modus Quartet conjures up a wide spectrum from melancholy to joy.

Houry Dora Apartian

Antonello Messina

Lorenz Beyeler
double bass

Omri Hason
middle-eastern percussion, hang