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Dear friends and fans of exciting new music,

once again, I have spared no effort and now I am delighted to bring you this insight into Russia’s vibrant music scene.
At music conferences, festivals and exhibitions I kept bumping into Daryana Antipova from Russia. We talked extensively and there was no shortage of ideas, but we never got around to putting them into action.
When her band Vedan Kolod started gathering pace again and she approached me about working together on a release, I didn’t hesitate. And before long, the conversation returned to music in general and the Russian music scene in particular, and the idea to put together a sampler of Russian music emerged. Daryana started sending me a whole host of fascinating artists and I was so impressed and, frankly, overwhelmed, that I was happy to put her in charge of the project.
I love listening to these CDs and I hope that you enjoy immersing yourself in the fabulous music of this vast country as much as we do.

Warm regards,
Christian Pliefke Nordic Notes, CPL Music, Beste! Unterhaltung

Some words from Daryana Antipova

Russia is diverse, beautiful, spiritual and rich in cultural heritage, especially when it comes to contemporary and young folk music. This compilation consists of all genres and ways modern folk music is imagined and performed in the Russian Federation: solo, duo, trio, traditional ensemble and folk rock, throat singing and polyphonic singing.
Though Huun-Huur-Tu from Tuva Republic have long been ambassadors for Russian traditional music, many listeners don’t realize that Russia is home to about 40 indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East alone, as well as more than 190 nations in total. The brightest representatives of Siberian indigenous musicians are such groups as Belukha Jam from Altai Republic, Ayarkhaan from Yakutia, all of them projects that actively tour the world.
If you look at the European North of Russia, I can highlight the Karelian group Sattuma. Tatar music from Kazan is also becoming younger and sounding more modern with groups like Juna. Project ShooDJAChooDJa, whose lead singer teaches kindergarten by day, sings ancient songs of Udmurtiya. Despite a general decline in interest in folk music in Russia, new ethno-electronic projects such as Alyona Minulina, Sage, Eduard Andriyanov and Juncti from different major cities are gaining more fans. On the other hand, purely traditional music seems to be growing in popularity, as demonstrated by the group Beneath the Clouds who in a single year won a state grant to conduct a folk camp in a village in northern Russia, won Russian World Music Awards nomination for Most Authentic, and recorded a new album in Moscow after a successful crowdfuding campaign. Other awards winners like Merema from Saransk keep
Mordovian folklore alive, film weekly TV programs about local folk traditions and strive to revitalize their Finno-Ugric language.
Among world music groups of Russian heritage, I can mention Moscow group Varevo, Siberian Vedan Kolod, and Taisia Krasnopevtseva. There is also a new wave of “Peters folk” (folk from Saint Petersburg) rising at the moment with young groups like Karelia and EtnoZapil.
Many musicians continue to play and compose for the quintessential traditional Russian instrument, the gusli, for example, Valeriya Shaportova and Dmitry Paramonov. There is also a new crop of Russian world music experiments who we represent here on compilation, newcomers who have been on the scene for less than 1.5 years: Staritsa and Nachni s Nachala – and though they’ve only started their musical journey but already won a few Russian music prizes. Most of the bands I am happy to present on this compilation are musicians I met when I started touring with my own band Vedan Kolod across Russia almost 15 years ago, and we all are still the most active ethno music presenters of our country! I hope you’ll enjoy your own musical tour of our large, vibrant, and diverse traditions.

Daryana Antipova

CD 1
1. Ayarkhaan — Orto Doydu (Republic of Yakutia)
2. Dobranotch — Nign (Nye Zhuritze Chloptzi) (Moscow Region)
3. Taisia Krasnopevceva — Stradaniya (Moscow region)
4. Belukha Jam — Archyn (Altay region)
5. Staritsa — Khodil Gospod (Belgorod region)
6. Radik Tyulyush — Agitator (Republic of Tuva)
7. Valeriya Shaportova — It’s all about love (Moscow region)
8. Vedan Kolod — Wreath (Krasnoyarsk region)
9. Merema — Gorkan Nastas (Republic of Mordovia)
10. Alyona Minulina — Rusalka (Moscow region)
11. Eduard Andrianov — Kama Island (Perm region)
12. Varevo — Molodaya (Moscow region)
13. Sage — V mire nas dvoe (Urals region)
14. TurboZen — Kabany (Moscow region)
15. ShooDJa-ChooDJa — Akashka gur (Republic of Udmurtia)
16. Dmitry Paramonov — Egory (Omsk region)
17. Nachni s nachala — Zhneyi (Perm region)

CD 2
1.Vedan Kolod — Witch (Krasnoyarsk region)
2. Sattuma — Way through the forest (Republic of Karelia)
3. Scythian Trace — Burkhan (Moscow — Altay region)
4. Etnozapil — Caravan (Leningrad region)
5. Ayarkhaan — Yrun Tyyn (Republic of Yakutia)
6. Beneath Clouds — Nightingale (Moscow region)
7. Merema — Kelgoma min inzinke (Republic of Mordovia)
8. Karjala — Hot Sun (Leningrad region)
9. Radik Tyulyush — Oskus (Republic of Tuva)
10. Zubcy — Zakl Zag (Moscow region)
11. Zemlya Legend — Sansara (Voronezh region)
12. Juncti — VPM (Moscow region)
13. Grey-haired Ural — Alpamysha (Perm region)
14. Juna — Irte (Republic of Tatarstan)
15. Staritsa — Protiv testeva Dvora (Belgorod region)
16. Kosmonavty — Visoko (Moscow region)
17. Dobranotch — Son (Moscow Region)
18. Gilead — The Witcher (Omsk region)


  • Folk and Great Tunes from Russia

    Folk and Great Tunes from Russia

    Year of Release: 2020

    Catalogue-Number: CPL043

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