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ZeMe [/ðə’mɛ/] is an originative musical duo deeply inspired by the mythology of the Earth.

ZeMe is a personal story made by two exciting artists – the queen of the kokle, Laima Jansone, and Monsta, master of the turntables and electronica. Both were born in Riga, Latvia, as was ZeMe, however, it was polished and presented in Japan in 2015 and 2016 while both artists where touring and learning the art of observation.
Their melodies come from their heritage of Latvian roots music in combination with cuttingedge technologies and the competition between free improvisation and live looping. The inner meditative sounds of the kokle interacting with expressive scratching makes this duo special.
It is that moment, when a breezily flowing stream comes together with a groove as heavy as clay; that moment when two different spirits come together to express the instinct of being a part of this earth. Zeme in Latvian mythology literally signifies Mother Earth.
The kokle is a traditional Latvian stringed instrument whose 2000 year history is still a topic of discussion among philologists. Laima plays a replica of a 19th century kokle. Latvia is the heart of the Baltic states. A country with beautiful landscapes and a complex history. Atreasure trove of traditional music and ancient myths.


  • Visuma Vizoša Tumsa

    Visuma Vizoša Tumsa

    Year of Release: 2019

    Catalogue-Number: CPL033

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